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Lost your mobile phone, get the instant SIM Change notification in your control all the activities of your child without being known by them, Phone tracker helps you mobile spy app has been helping many parents for tracking their children's .

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The Alfred Home Security Camera app use both cameras on the smartphone so you can cover the whole room. This app looks like the perfect solution if you need more than a simple baby monitor. You can use the app to check on your pet or catch whoever has been stealing tomatoes from your garden.

Android Studio tools

In my opinion, it's a bit pricey, but it worth it! The AtHome Camera is the coolest home surveillance app that you can use to monitor your kid. Second, it uses advanced technology to avoid false alarms created by a moving light or a shadow. The app can tell the difference between a human from a simple shadow. Also, it uses face recognition to alert you if the person on the camera is your family member or not. It's a little bit too much, but it just makes this baby monitor app safer. Price: This app is free to use, but you will have to accept a little bit of publicity.

I would suggest you try it first and buy it after a week. Security: The AtHome Camera app is encrypting all communications with top-notch peer-to-peer security technology. Your videos are encoded before going into the cloud, to protect your privacy and avoid lost data. This is a simple baby monitor app that works on every smartphone or tablet. You just need two devices to install the app, and you can monitor your child room.

Security: The app is not collecting data without your knowledge, and the communications are secured and protected. This is straightforward and easy to use baby monitor app. The only downside is the limited range because it works only on your local WIFI network. If you are looking for a free solution that works on all kind of devices, this is the app for you.

Security: Communication is secured with industry standards encryption to ensure your privacy. If you are looking for an app to monitor only the sound in your baby's room, this is the one for you.

The All in One Android Monitoring Solutions

Work great if you just need to hear the noise and get notified when your baby is awake. From what I saw, it looks reliable and easy to use. It let you use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apple watch and even Apple TV, to monitor your baby's room. It also, offer most of the baby monitor features I like. Security: For extra peace of mind, your communications are all secure with industry standard encryption. This app is more a home surveillance camera app, but it could work as a baby monitor.

If you only have one smartphone, you can download the Air Cam Video desktop software into your laptop and use the built-in camera or an external USB camera. Download the app for Android.

In-Ear Monitors with Mixing Station for Android

Dormi is probably the best baby monitor app you download for free on your Android. You can use the app with or without the internet.

Android Device Monitor

OnFrameMetricsAvailableListener as described in this blog post. If you need to view how and when your app transfers data over a network, use the Network Profiler. To start the standalone Device Monitor application in Android Studio 3. You can then link the tool to a connected device by selecting the device from the Devices pane. Note: Each device can be attached to only one debugger process at a time.

So, for example, if you are using Android Studio to debug your app on a device, you need to disconnect the Android Studio debugger from the device before you attach a debugger process from the Android Device Monitor. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Register now for Android Dev Summit !