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4 Easy Ways to Track Your Lost Android Phones

Contained in the numbers are details of the make and model of the device. It's a bit like a serial number. On the iPhone 6S and earlier models, it's on the bottom end on the back. Most of the time, the number is not used for anything beyond providing the signals your phone needs to work. However, police, intelligence agencies, and the military can use the number to track a phone to a location.

What to do if you lost your Samsung Mobile?(Only applicable for certain handsets)

This can happen when a phone has been stolen and the police are trying to locate it. It can also be used by security agencies to track and hunt terrorists.

Read more: Saudi Arabia runs a huge, sinister online database of women that men use to track them and stop them from running away. Another Saudi woman described how Saudi agents came to her family's home and demanded the box her phone was sold in, which has the IMEI written on it. Apple itself does not use serial numbers for tracking. In some locations, police departments maintain a registry of serial numbers, though you'll usually have to actively add your serial number to the registry.

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Police departments that run a registry may use it to identify the owner when they find a lost phone or confiscate it from a thief. In some cases, police departments may make the registry available to stores dealing in used property so they can check if any iPhones they receive are stolen. Note that if your service provider uses MEID numbers, which are 14 digits, you may need to drop the last digit listed on your device. You cannot use your IMEI number to track your phone.

Track your Switched Off Mobile Phone Location - Find your Lost, Stolen Mobile Phone Location

However, if you report your phone as stolen to your cellphone service provider, the provider can use the IMEI number to block the phone from connecting to the service and racking up charges. The only method Apple provides for physically tracking an iPhone is through the free "Find my iPhone" app.

go site To take advantage of this, you must install and set up the app before your phone is lost or stolen. If and when this happens, you can log into the Find My iPhone website see Resources and get a rough physical location of the phone.

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You can also remotely add a new passcode or remotely erase the data on your phone to stop a thief from gaining access to your information. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

How can I Find my Lost Android Phone With Find my Device?