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I am at the library. HELP I am 90 years old. We provide contact information for each service provider, Luisa. First, go to the list of providers and plans in your state. You can find that here:. Click on each of the service providers to find the plan that fits your needs best. You need to go back before Clinton to discover where the free phone service came from. Did you bother to read the article, Valerie? It spells out the history of the program in great detail, including the correct version of what your comment alleges.

Holy shit what an attempt to spin lol. You can blame him for expanding the program, but not for starting it. You need to enroll with one of the service providers offering plans in your state, Richard. Lifeline has been around before , at least for landlines in California. I had it in the late eighties, when I was attending university. As cell phone use massively expended, public pay phones became a nostalgic memory. Low income households regularly relied on these services in conducting their day-to-day affairs. Mobile phones then were still out of reach for most low income famalies because the plans were too expensive, required usury contracts, and required credit approval or large prepayment sums with high airtime fees.

However, current lifeline providers are a bunch of crooks, and regularly defraud the gpvernment, light years beyond what any poor families could accomplish. I got mine in and have several health issues so I am lucky I got one. I think that giving free phones to our american citizens was, and, is a very good idea in helping people maintain order in their lives. I myself, had an Obama phone, however, it was stolen. Please contact me as soon as possible! Graves, Elijahwan!

This is an independent informational website, Donald, NOT your free government cell phone service provider. You need to contact that company directly. As a mailman who delivers to the Welfare office I see the street vendors From Safelink and Assurance outside The Welfare office every day. Actually someone stole my 5, so I have a cracked IPhone 4. Kudos and Thanks for all the info and facts, glad you wrote the article and gave links showing how to get one. Unless it starts spitting out angry texts and gives you pouty angry emoji faces. Yeah, they still do offer assurance and lifeline phones to the poor.

I qualified, but I like my independence and something a little unnerving about government controlling your cell phone. So I said thanks but no thanks. Bought myself a cheapy prepaid phone that I reload every month. Some months I have service sometimes I dont crossing fingers. We shouldnt knock down our government for helping-out the poor.

We shouldnt beat-up the poor for needing a phone.

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Everyone cant all be rich and alot of us poor are just hardworking poor like me. Uncle Sam takes a big chunk out of my paycheck every month. People become poor though disaster tragedy, illness so we shouldnt judge them. As for the companies who takes advantage of the poor and this program. That will eventually wind up shutting the program down …which will be sad but we cant do much about that. Glad for all the people who needed help and could get it. Social Networking was made popular by cellphones. Im so old I can remember the days when a phone was only used for talking.

And partylines when your phone call overlapped someone elses phone call. Times has changed. Except in England maybe? Phone cards for phone booths nowadays are almost useless. Every job employer wants you to have a cell phone. So a cell phone in hand is like a mini job search computer in your pocket.

I was in between jobs, on unemployment and basically homeless among other things when my sister signed me up for one of these phones. Within a month of getting the phone, just a simple no frills TracFone I was able to get my resume out and find a job. With the government spending a trillion on the military each yr and bailing out financiers to the tune of the same can you even imagine the infrastructure that could be built and maintained for that?

Well said, Elliott. We hope many more of our readers are able to use their phones to get jobs like you did.

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Do the taxpayers pay yes or no? I love how this is supposed to be an official position the all omnipotent word about the subsidize cell phone services for poor people. The question about does the taxpayer pay for the cell phones was totally circumvented and not answer. The answer is yes taxpayers do you pay for these free phones for the poor.

That all conservatives and Republicans totally agree with. This program was put in place so that shut-ins for whatever reason elderly, and health reasons physical and mental would have a telephone for convenience of life and emergency reasons. The start of the program of course was well intended. But as with many programs started with good intentions the services are leached upon by the greedy. By the good for nothing leaches on our society that will take whatever they can get regardless of the fact that somebody else has to pay for it.

The woman in the video is a perfect example. There is so much fraud in that program. No good deed ever goes unpunished. Unfortunately the governing body of this country has lost its way.

Do as the Swedes do? Internet policy and regulation in Sweden – a snapshot

They have no idea what the original intention was when our founding fathers put together a government for this country. The foolS on the hill now are just that, fools. Unfortunately they have missed lead much of the American population into thinking that they are deserving of things like these free cell phones. That they have a right to demand other Americans pay for their ability to exist at a certain level of comfort without putting forth any effort.

Are examples are free cell phones healthcare services food stamps College and tuition assistance and grants. I work my rear off since junior high school and my reward was my children qualified for nothing. I paid through the nose for them to go to school as a reward for my hard work all these years. And like I said no good deed goes unpunished. This program should revert to landlines only, as it was designed. Unbelievable to me. In Calif. I only have a pre-pay, pay by the minute,have to talk very little, no data, no pictures, no web, no google maps, BUT I have to pay to give these benefits to the free loaders.

Go back to landlines only.

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  6. Go to the library. Something else I pay for on property tax bill, FCC please read this plea for sanity in government. Who have you been trying to get through to, Anna? Take a look at all the companies and plans available in your state here:.

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    Check each of the options carefully, Anna, because you may find a much better plan more minutes, more texts, more data, a smartphone, etc. When I found out I was being taxed on my cell phone bill to pay for free phones for others, I cancelled my plan and went to a prepaid company.

    And the service is great. I was raised that family takes care of family in tough times. So the cycle continues. For me it all comes down to dignity and self-respect. I have it and so do my daughter and son. Because I taught them, as a struggling single mom with no help of any kind. And no college education, just in case someone was going there. How can you say that is a valuable program? It seems like it is more free stuff for people who are not earning it.

    How would your normally communicate with the state? Do you have that in writing, Kenneth? Maybe file a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau. Then you need to apply for a free cell phone, christie. You can find all the service providers in your state here:.

    OK, I did my research- The Universal Service Fund, one of the more hefty fees on my phone bill, assists with internet and phone costs to schools and libraries, and for phones to poor folk. It started about late , was implemented thereafter, and was oriented for landlines. Another Obama fallacy Since inception, cell phones have become less expensive than landlines, hence the switch to cellphones by the gov. Cell phones supplied usually are not internet compatible, but as this becomes cheaper too, you can expect it someday.

    California already has it. You are qualified if you are poor, something like 28K for a family of four. My response to my belief? Will you only be happy if someone else is not I would ask? Living on a meager income with loads of public assistance is not where I want to be. If one is going to make it out of that morass, exposure to technology is necessary along with a whole lot of other stuff or removal of other stuff, that you and I were not so unlikely to have to go through.

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    Born into that situation, we would act the same. Also, when welfare or a potential boss calls, a phone number is needed. Be happy, life was good to you. Congress first enacted the Lifeline program in Who was President in ? Typical liberal response. Since Obama let the program continue after he was elected he is responsible for the cell phones. Rather than stop the costly use of cell phones and save money by giving the poor land use help he CHOOSE to let the program, so give all the details. But just like the rest of you lying liberals you bend the facts to meet aggressive liberal agenda.

    Technology changed and phones became mobile. Mobile phone use went up and the cost went down and that is the only reason they included mobile phones in the plan. Possibly Trump on the end there depending on this term.

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    Look up symptoms of a cell phone with spyware. Notice if your free phone exhibits these symptoms. A non activated cell or home phone can still call Does being poor mean you are also stupid. Dont think the gov has a endless electronic data file on you and your personal life? Think again. Illegal is illegal either way you look at it! If people would do their research they can learn the truth. About 3 years ago anyone who went to the VA clinic at Daytona Beach could sign up for a free basic cell phone. I think the people who signed people up were paid by the of those who wanted a phone. We were lead to believe just having served in the military was enough for you to be eligible for the phone.

    To be eligable to get free phone sevice you need to be on some kind of assistnce, being a vet is not enough. Great article! Some of the Comments were frightening. Some of your responses were priceless. Very deceitful site. I search from a particular search engine for a legitimate government free cell phone service as my son and myself cannot afford Tv, a landline or cell phone service , cable or internet.

    I am using a friends smart phone to search for help. All this site provided me was the bashing of President Obama. Who cares who initiated the plan. Is it really that important? What matters is low income families can have access to emergency providers by having use and availability of a phons service and device. Nothing elaborate but just the security of being able to make that call if an emergency arises.

    Screw you. If you are so stupid that you interpret a logical, clearly-presented answer that is completely unprejudiced in any direction as a deceitful attack on President Obama, your reading comprehension is horribly inadequate. We would urge you to read more of the articles on this website just to educate yourself, but what good would that do?

    You proofed the critics position. This IS socialism … wealth distribution. Its mandated. My name is temi I have been dreaming of an iPhone 6 for a long time I have always wanted it as bad as I have ever wanted anything in my life but I never had the money to buy it. We have not yet found any Lifeline companies offering an iPhone 6. Your story is a perfect example of why we do not recommend enrolling at a street tent or booth, Julie. Contact your local police immediately. However, most of the people you find in the street tents and booths work for companies hired by the free government cell phone companies specifically for this purpose.

    In other words, they are independent contractors, not employees of the cell phone companies. That means that, in most cases, you need to apply with those subcontracting companies, not the phone companies. Good luck, Sonia. You wan to talk aboutut waist? After three weeks my wifes free phone was stolen. So she got another free phone when after three weeks they shut her phone off saying she cant have two free phones.

    She cant turn her phone on untill ninety days. Her new phine is worthless locked ,to basically throw it away. That Our Govmnt for you…waist waist waist…. Sorry to hear about your problems, Mustbenice. It really is unacceptable, especially for someone with your issues. Call your service provider and ask to speak to customer service. If you do not get satisfaction, demand to speak to a supervisor. Jennifer K. Pessagno: You deserve an award for excellence in communication skills, and educating folks with limited common sense! I also admire your ability to overcome your life challenges— Good work.

    Or any phone….. Maybe moms lookingvfirvwork or studemts might want a phone or smartphone? What kan I do withbsmartphone u. Write things at home save on job service trips. The Lifeline Assistance program is funded with a small fee added to every telephone bill in the country. I believe that fee should be an option for people to elect to be removed from their bill. I have at times called my phone provider to drop some services to try and save every penny I can.

    I believe generosity should be left up to a person and not forced on a person. I also, sometimes, find myself in circumstances when I cannot afford to be generous but yet there seems to bea lack of assistance the the middle class when we find ourselves in a jam. Should be a help to get people back on their feet and not become dependent on the system.

    By the way, I do understand the elder would probably need continuous help. But the abusers should be weeded out some how off of the system. I agree that cheaters and abusers should be cut out. I take the attitude that there are both cheaters and deserving people at both ends. Good point, David. It tells how to report someone who is defrauding or abusing the system.

    Those people should be reported immediately. Or in other words a direct obligatory, non-opt out FEE or tax. We the tax payers ARE paying for it for others. They are doing that just fine by dragging their asses on managing the shortfall. There will be few winners and alot of losers and no one born after this change will have any such protection. This is the position of the rising tide of libertarianism in the Right.

    As for Medicare, the entire program will be privatized and not much less expensive than commercial insurance, which means seniors and the disabled will effectively be priced out of the necessary healthcare they need to keep living with any shred of dignity. In pricing out the poor, you also price out the elderly and the invalid. And for what? To pour any and all funding left from taxpayers into defense only? Everything is privatized and the only taxation is barely noticeable by comparison, but only pays for the military.

    Government becomes so small it cannot regulate the economy, so corporations effectively replace government in every day life…. Welcome to fedualism in the 21st Century. While I am against a socialist form of society, I do believe they helping others in time of immediate need is a good thing. People should never stay on the system because it teaches people how to be dependent on it. Or, are they forced to remain poor because it is against the rules to use for tech support or other phone work?

    There are no rules prohibiting using the phone for business purposes. Government subsidized programs like welfare, free phones, etc are complete crap. Nothing is free in life and someone somewhere pays for it. Our global gene pool has become so poluted with people who should have not survived if it was still survival of the fittest. We should just let the weak starve.

    Then those who cling to life can be given jobs picking up their cold, dead bodies in the street. I work at a senior center where we give them, basically, free lunch. The rule is they can contribute a small fee if they can. Not because they dont have, but because they want to spend their money on other things. Some even get their electricity paid for. I am not against helping them, but when I heir they went to Vegas to the casinos or even the small locate casinos, that bothers me.

    Some seniors have parties several people over. One senior like raising pigs to throw a party and several people. And the abuse just goes on. There is a problem with the system. Obama took credit for lifeline service which was written in under Clinton, health care which was written in , lifeline phone service which was enacted in under Bush. Typical, typical, typical Republican double speak. When it actually started under Clinton and the phones are the cheapest that tracfone sells.

    Mines broke and I bought me a better tracfone and transferred my number and minutes to it.

    iis spying through cell phones legal

    Hm, Republicans sure like to give Obama a lot of credit. Giving people on welfare the resources they need to get employment and start paying back into the system? How can this possibly be a negative? I am on social security, get medicare, food stamps and am on section My status is still pending and Q Link is the only cellphone provider for my state that participates in the program.. However, I have a complaint against them for being discriminatory about who they send phones too. I received a denial notice from Q Link saying they had to wait on mine because my state is building their own database, however that is false!!

    I checked with my state and they do not know anything about the story I was told.. My daughter and a friend applied and got a phone from Q Link within 10 days!! I also checked with the area on aging and they have been trying to help people also but were not having any luck either… This sounds like Q Link is picking and choosing who they want to have phones and younger people get one with no problem and hardly any elderly people get one..

    If anyone else has any problems you should do the same on start a class action suit. That would be against the rules of the Lifeline Assistance program. My son, Eric Jurva, had a phone thru low-income Obama-phone but it was stolen several months ago. Since then he has not had a phone and no one can communicate with him.

    He lives in poverty. Can he possibly get another free cell phone so that we can at least know if he is surviving? He is hearing impaired and I am his mother, that is why I am trying to help him get the phone. Look it up read about. Educate yourselves a little before throwing off on disabled ppl. Maybe one day something happens to you all and I hope ppl make fun of you.

    I had an umx, phone and on dec 5 , my and my children was robbed at gun point at a. You need to see someone about your extreme paranoia and stop reading things from the John Birch society as well as other right wing extremists. You made such a rant you sound completely insane and thusly how could anyone believe anything you say? Wow unbelievable what people believe and try and pass off as truth. Uhm no. To everything you posted. The phone is a subsidy replacing payphones which phone companies no longer supply. Get a grip. No one is listening or watching. No one cares!! Obama is the president- he may have signed off on legislation to provide them, but it him being responsible is absurd.

    Get educated and get your own phone and stop spreading lies!! I totally agree. People are not really informed and believe all the hog wash belched out by paranoid uneducated people who only listen to fox News or some other messed right wing propaganda. The government free phones are good for folks that are low income and cannot afford to get one for what ever reason.

    Give people a break please. There is no debate on the subject of government surveillance and ease-dropping of all US citizens. It is not paranoia but a known fact that all communications are monitored and archived. Your internet searches, purchases, comments and associations are incorporated into building your psychological profile. Why do you think Facebook constantly wants to know who you know and what you have to say? What could be more ideal than to have everyone carry around a camera and microphone? Did you know the Xbox One uses facial recognition, voice analysis, thermal and night-vision imaging?

    Or that your Samsung Smart TV is listening to and recording all of your personal conversations taking place in your living room? I suggest you read the documentation that was provided along with the appliance. Oh, and do you really think after 14 years they are still only concerned with finding and combatting terrorists? Does it really matter who started it? What really matters is who pays for it and who receives the FREE phones. As a hard working American I find it appalling that I should have a hire bill to pay for the lazy to have phones.

    I gave a hard enough time paying fir my win bills. I raised two girls completely on my own with no child support or welfare. I know if I can do it others can too. STOP being every bodies momma big gov. Well said Jan. Welfare needs to be temporary assistance. Individuals need to take more responsibility for themselves and their families. My father was also in the US Army as well for 3 yrs. After 4 mos. She was able to find a good paying job with benefits after a few short months and that was the last time we as a family were on the system as some of us call it.

    I have worked very hard to be a good person despite my past that shall never ever be my fault. Maybe one day you could spend a day in the life of someone homeless and mentally ill or maybe go to a domestic violence shelter to meet the terrified women and children who seek safety there because Welfare actually pays for their stay there, at least where I live they do.

    Think about how you were raised and how much your parents did their best to provide for you before you judge anyone on Welfare. Granted, there are many other there who abuse the Welfare system. In NY, the age of consent to have sex is 17 years old. You need to consider different situations before judging people.

    Even with Unemployment Benefits, you still cannot survive. Take a look in the mirror before you judge others again because only God has the right to judge us. Well done. Would you comaplain that you also pay a similar fee which contributes to the emergency services? Or the taxes you pay for gas which go to road reconstruction? Probably not. I also utilize this program to assist people solidify a number in which they can receive phone calls for job interviews.

    Are we still complaining Jan? Where did you work? Where do you get your news? Almost every comment on here sounds like a certified NUT except for the person who worked for Lifelink. You will all see soon enough. I want to offer these phones to people? How can I get hired? My background is clean, my credit not so great…? Everything was FINE! I expect you to disagree as this impede on your market, paycheck etc. Taxes should not be used on this nonsense. Why does it matter to you if people call it the Obama Phone? If these are such a good thing you ought to consider it a compliment!!

    Get a life!!!! How long does the service last on the phone and I hate all these people who can work and get a job mooch off the government and get free everything really sickeing does the phone plan last there bum lives. The phones are activate for 1 full year and a renewal certification is required to extend the activation. It is NOT just the degenerates who qualify and benefit from this service. And, as previous stated — I can offer job opportunities in practically any state which supports this program as a major manager.

    Hi Jeramy, I like your post. I am on SS disability, live in Vermont and it takes a long time to get free phones here. Q Link gives them out here and they are very slow!! I wish there were more providers here but unfortunately they are the one that handle our state, Vermont.

    I also wish they were open on the weekend unlike other providers. If you have any ideas you can get me at Hotmail gigrape Have a good night. Some of this is for Obama-Phones. Sometimes they go to the passing cars to solicit giving away a phone. I have no problem with actually giving seniors and the disabled a phone.

    A cheap flip phone. But I know too many people on this program with the latest greatest smart phones with no limits on their service.

    Is Your Smartphone Spying on You?

    Many working stiffs cannot even afford them and settle for a lesser model. Please put a conservative into the White House and not Trump. Amen Lheyne. I see people on food stamps and government assistance in line at the grocery store buying name brand items, tritip steak, etc…. Wearing designer clothing and talking on their iPhone 6. It makes me sick. You can also get name brand clothing at thrift stores that are like new.

    That is where we shop, and we look nice. But before you take action, make sure that what you're doing is actually legal. In some cases, your actions may constitute an illegal invasion of privacy. Data collection. If you're the main person on a cell phone account, there's nothing stopping you from contacting your cell service provider and asking for a breakdown of texts and numbers called.

    That's your right as a primary account holder, and you can't be prosecuted legally by checking up on someone else through your own account. You can get tons of information from just monitoring your account, including the numbers most often called and texted, and how much time is spent on each call. Location services. Certain apps can be installed on a phone so you're able to use the installed GPS as a way to pinpoint exactly where the phone and its user are.